Sports Art Italian sports brand FILA officially landed in China

Sports Art Italian sports brand FILA officially landed in China

On the evening of September 7, 2005, the Creative Center on the 4th floor of the 18th Shanghai Bund, from FILA, an Italian high-end sports brand, officially announced its landing in China along with the new 2006 fashion press conference.

More than 250 guests attended the gathering, fashion and luxury event. In the exhibition area at the entrance, guests deeply felt the unparalleled elegant taste and timeless charm of art.

The splendid exhibition of product shows immediately followed the eyes of the guests. They firstly enjoyed the spirit of high-end luxury in modern sports fashion. The perfect design and elegant lines demonstrate the artistic thinking of the movement; exquisite craftsmanship and unique fabrics represent the brand's fashion paradigm, highlighting FILA's active lifestyle and elegant sports art.

In the evening, it was like being in the beautiful country of the Apennine peninsula thousands of miles away: from the magnificent momentum of the symphony orchestra to the famous Italian opera “Turandot”, the solo voices of the male voice are as same as the aristocratic atmosphere expressed by the brand. Explained. It is a pure Italian delicacy... The perfect blend of sight, hearing and taste. It not only aims to create an aristocratic space, it also expresses FILA's distinct artistic features. Make all the guests memorable.

In an interview with Mr. Josh Perlman, executive director of FILA in mainland China and Hong Kong and executive director of Shanghai Lian Asia Commercial Co., Ltd., he said that in the rapid economic development of China, people are becoming more and more popular in the world. High-end individual sports such as golf, tennis, yoga, fitness, and skiing, and FILA, which has always advocated and sponsored these sports to enter China, is not only a positive response to this demand, but also gives Chinese consumption to sports products. Enjoy international art. At the end of this year, the brand will open the first Chinese flagship store in Shanghai, and will open stores in major cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou in the coming year. FILA is full of confidence in the development of China.

FILA background information:

The brand was founded in 1911 by the FILA brothers in Italy's BIELLA. It has been nearly 100 years old. In the 1970s, FILA coordinated its diversification strategy to expand its sportswear business. In the years that followed, it has developed golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, running and skiing series, which ultimately laid the backbone of world-renowned sports brands. It is considered as a representative of art and a model of luxury.

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