The lady seduces the new autumn hottest wonderful dress up

The lady seduces the new autumn hottest wonderful dress up
Lead: “Lady” is an imaginative word today, and it can be thought of as tender and heart-loving. When you think of it, you can also be curious because of uncertainty. Oh, this life is interesting, Xiao Bian chose 3 types of ladies, demonstrating their talents, look first!

The temptation of intellectual lady

The talented lady always brings a bit of “see through the red dust”, calm eyes, likes simple and elegant styles, and the most important thing is to use rich accessories to express the mood.

Temptation techniques - can not underestimate the power of accessories

1. Many accessories that are not accustomed to long-term use are all inspirational little things for intellectual ladies. Corsages can be made of many materials, and belts can be made of fur. Silk can also be added in place.

2, like to use more trivial decoration to meet their own careful thinking, beautiful diamonds, changing beads can not escape the beauty of the eyes;

The styling advice In the early autumn, 7 cool articles finally rolled off the heat wave, but my beloved summer dress will have to complete the mission, spend some ingenuity, let them continue to preserve value, and advance with your good mood into early autumn. The following 7 large single products are for reference only!

Strong lady seduction

Sweet and strong, it is a very moving beauty, simple style, a sense of commoner, peace people want to be close, independent and confident style will make you awe.

Temptation techniques - to create a civilian commoner princess

1. The story of Cinderella is very vivid. Beauty is not refined for her, but the power of her heart escalates into beauty.

2. Laying a sense of staggering, with a petite figure to take on heavy clothing, even cheap is full of personalization;

Styling suggestions Want to be beautiful? Don't always make excuses for yourself. In fact, being a 100% beautiful girl is very simple. I wonder if you have noticed that when an ordinary little girl happened to accidentally add a delicate necklace to her neck one day, you would suddenly feel that she "Very woman," is it?

Delicate lady seduction

The lady likes to make troubles, likes to laugh, but also likes to be foolhardy. “Little girl” is the best adjective for her, because it is fickle and you are full of curiosity!

Temptation - mix and match new exciting

1, dress always give people a very smart feeling, even if it is easy to break the routine;

2, like a very light dress, small jackets, jeans, striped shirt, because playful, how to wear look good;

The styling advice is that some women will always be a fan, for example, when they grew up in the primitive country, they would later be promoted to the most modern girls in the city. For example, when they were in their teens, they would take sexy pictures, but after 30 years they would become more like little girls... Xu Ruo? Legendary woman, in her body you will forget the influence of age on beauty

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