Balletcheena Women create the brightest star in fashion

Balletcheena perfect performance of the first quarter, assembled proudly team, with the highest level of custom uniforms, lotus leaf, folds, fine mesh, lace, thin silk, satin, sequined fabrics, Chanel cloth, handmade petal fabrics. High-level materials such as cutting-edge legislation, perspective, etc. ... flow lines, showing the most difficult level of tailoring and production, exquisite show Balletcheena women elegant, noble, charming, beautiful, temperament ...

Nude color against the noble black to show aristocratic temperament, nude pink Paris Palace courtesy court red color, with a lemon green Peng Peng white lace jacket, lively green black green little black dot fabric with light Pink blossoming short plinth skirt, white silk blouse decorated with fluorescent yellow handmade sequins, and then set with black trim, elegant beige, rose pink, limed green translucent cut color orange, colorful peach, Gorgeous dancing, a little bit bigger, a little bit, stripes and other geometric fabrics matched into the fun crystal can move. High-fashion brand attack, the latest highest-level planning, to create the brightest star in the fashion industry, upcoming bright debut!

The 4U Server Chassis is also called a 2u rack Server Chassis. The rack is called a 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the height of the server outside, and the height of 4u server chassis is 44.445mmX4 times. 2U Server Chassis is an important part of the server accessories. Its main function is to place and fix each server accessory, which plays a supporting and protecting role. In addition, the computer chassis has an important role of electromagnetic radiation shielding. It is sconstituted a chassis shell, a bracket, a cooling fan, a hard disk connection board, a hard disk box, a panel, a switch, and an indicator light.

4U Server Chassis

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