Tips and precautions for the salesperson to send emails to customers

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When you communicate with low-quality, low-level people, there will be a generation gap. When your ideas are different from each other's ideas, it is difficult to resonate. The results of different positions are different. The things you said in the mail are clear. The other party still can't understand or understand the mistake. A simpler and more effective way to communicate with such people is face-to-face or telephone communication. Use less textual material.

Pay attention to the format and content when writing emails

The body of the email begins to be written, which means respect for people. If you don't write a name or write a title, you are despising each other. This is a taboo for writing emails. Many friends communicate with customers in the mail, and once they have never heard back, there is no title.

Mail should pay attention to the rationality. When writing emails to each other, try to use 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., and clearly explain each content, and use progressive development. The other party will feel that communicating with people like you is a happy thing. .

For mailings, use words politely, even if the other party is your subordinate, use "you" as much as possible, and use "you" less, and there should be no frivolous words and sloppy content in the mail. When you need the other party to cooperate, you should use "Please." There is no such thing as a noble person. If you embody the nobles from the mail, it can only show that you think you are noble, not to put others in your eyes, or just routine. Such emails often play a counter-productive role.

When you give the other party a question or a proposal or request, you must tell the other party what kind of training to give a reply. When someone else gives me such a message in an email, he or she should report the progress of the situation to the other party every once in a while. If the other party's request for himself does not tell the other party in advance whether it can be done or not, if there is any difficulty, it will be reported to the other party when the other party does not urge it. This is quite rude. Give the other person a feeling of not being trustworthy or not working together. In order to avoid this kind of thing happening, it is better for you to bring a small notebook with you, arrange the requirements of the other party to your own schedule, and regularly review, summarize and analyze the results. Timely summary processing.

Try to give the other party some blessings or polite words at the end of the message. These things may take you a minute, but the results are not the result of a penny.

How to handle attachments

Some emails take a long time to open attachments, which wastes time for the email user. In order to avoid such things affecting the work of others, it is recommended that when you send the attachment, if you can directly copy and paste it into the mail, such as Word's DOC, DOCX class documents, EXCEL XLS, XLSX class documents, you can directly select the content, copy and Paste into the mail. However, this method is not recommended for attachments with a lot of content.

When sending multiple attachments at the same time, it is recommended to modify or adjust the name of the attachment so that the other party can categorize it and then compress it, which can reduce the time of sending and receiving.

Timely mail backup and classification

All the current mails have backup and classification functions. The classified backup is for data security, and it is also convenient for mail query and post-classification processing.

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