Bungee deer brand children's clothing to provide children with the best way to dress with

Bangji deer brand children's clothing to "Bangji deer children's clothing - to create first-class double product (quality, taste) a new era" as its mission! The success of the era of product marketing into the era of cultural marketing, while ensuring product Seiko secret agents at the same time, more as a cultural carrier, given the clothing function beyond the family, on the family, about the inner world of the essence, to train children unique Aesthetics, elite children's growing up, charisma and leadership qualities, looking forward to the future extraordinary achievements and taste. The "sports, leisure, personality," into every corner of the lives of children and adolescents, deduce the cuteness, innocence, wisdom and dreams of children. "Bangji deer" to take direct marketing and franchising combined to expand the domestic market. Bangji deer attaches great importance to the performance of brand culture in the terminal stores, and actively advocate and practice "green stores" and "cultural stores" and other concepts. Advocate and launch "Children's Fashion with Experts" in the terminal stores. Invite well-known clothing consultants to systematically train the terminal clerks to provide the best new clothes for new and old urban residents. Consultant style Value-added services. Forge ahead "Bangji deer", will continue to uphold excellence, quality supreme product philosophy to market demand-oriented, product development as the basis, quality as a fundamental, to the credibility of development, dedication to the vast number of consumers more quality Products and services The company sincerely invites those interested in children's wear brand to join, and further expand the domestic major cities and overseas markets, create "Bangji deer" wealth career!

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