Fanyu Home Textile: How much is the bedding fabric?

As the season changes, summer can choose light green, light gray, royal blue, white and other cool colors, small flower pattern of cotton bedding; spring and winter can choose purple, gray, yellow, orange and other warm color cotton bedding; The neutral color of the color, such as beige, light yellow, earth green, pink series, etc., is relatively mild and has strong affinity. For rooms with good temperature control conditions, it can be used all year round. In fact, many people don't know much about the fabrics of bedding. The following is the knowledge about several mainstream fabrics:

1. satin jacquard

Based on the satin structure and woven with jacquard weaving, using two or more different tissues, or with yarns of different raw materials, the surface pattern can be layered and designed to achieve the design effect. After dyeing, the product features retain the superiority of the satin, and it is more layered and varied. The color and texture are more beautiful and pleasing than the pure satin.

2. Satin fabric

It is made of satin weave. The conventional weft density is 173*124CM. It is a fabric with a combing density. It has soft texture, smooth surface, good elasticity and good air permeability. It was named as the tribute emperor. First, the fabric itself needs a high density, which requires a yarn; secondly, it is mainly silky during the printing and dyeing process, which increases the brightness and softness of the fabric. This fabric is smooth and feels good, and it costs craftsmanship.

Fanyu Home Textile: How much is the bedding fabric?

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3. Jacquard fabric

The cotton high-density and high-density jacquard bedding is professionally designed according to the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. The products are exquisite and noble, feel smooth, bright and colorful, exquisite and comfortable, moisture absorbing and breathable. Weaving with a wide rapier loom and a wide-width shuttle, the yarn count is fine. In layman's terms, jacquard fabrics are flowers that are directly woven through a weaving machine. They display different parts of the pattern through different organizational expressions. The three-dimensional sense of the jacquard fabric is relatively strong, and the flower pattern is rich in layers. Jacquard fabrics are generally high-density and high-density fabrics, which are soft to the touch and have good gloss.

4. Active printed twill cotton 40

Twill cotton is the way of manufacturing fabrics. At present, most of the home textiles, especially bedding, are made of two-up or three-up twill, so that the surface of the fabric is more full and easy to open and shape during the printing and dyeing process. That is, what we often say will not shrink. Twill cotton is more dense than plain weave fabric, consumes a large amount of yarn, and has good wear resistance. It is mainly stronger than plain weave and has good shrinkage. Active printing is a dyeing technique. The color of this method is more delicate, the color is beautiful, and it will not fade. This kind of printing and dyeing has higher requirements on the hardware environment such as machine and water quality, so it is not something that ordinary small factories can do.

Fanyu Home Textile: How much is the bedding fabric?

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