Little Weibo to do big things ABC brand children's clothing into the "Micro era"

The rapid development of Weibo is a fact that is obvious to all, in the commercial scope, Weibo is accepted by more and more enterprises and brands. It is understood that in the field of children's products, as a leading brand of ABC children's clothing, but also its Sina microblogging official microblogging as a "future-style marketing," the first stop - a small event to do great! No one thought that weibo will become an unprecedented "grassroots force." As of November 2011, Sina Weibo has more than 200 million registered users. In the commercial arena, ABC Kids focused on its growth from the early days of Sina Weibo and predicted that Weibo will play an important new media role in the social networking environment. The rapid spread of microblogging at the same time, ABC children's clothing also insight into the microblogging will be a major future brand communications weapon is the marketing of the military strategist. Therefore, ABC children's clothing awareness must have its own camp - Sina microblogging. Today ABC Children's Wear Sina official microblogging ABC children's clothing to become a new business card, but also the company's new brand marketing platform. In ABC Children's Wear Sina Weibo, each fan is a potential marketing target, through daily micro-communication of business and product information, establish a corporate and product image, and guide consumers to the correct consumption. It is reported that in the daily microblogging topic, ABC children's clothing brand advocated by the "big love culture" and fans to share the product expression of the healthy growth of children's concerns to consumers, the "hope of performance" ABC China The action of public welfare of the line ameliorates the public's mind. As a children's products brand, ABC Kids Sina Weibo also created a parent-child encyclopedia of small world. At the same time, Weibo also carried out a variety of prizes rich and popular fan favorite award-winning forwarding activities in the ABC children's clothing "Meng main" contest, microblogging also played a "promotion ambassador" image, live Activity progress. Through these diversified and informative microblog topics, the relationship between brands and fans has been strengthened, deepening mutual understanding and trust. Insiders pointed out that enterprises through microblogging brand information, product information, event information and fans in time interaction, with an eclectic form of narrowing the distance between consumers, allowing companies to save time and improve visibility. According to the ABC Children's Wear Brand Manager Huang Weicheng introduced: "From customer service forms of hard and soft forms of interactive public relations services, microblogging marketing can break the geographical restrictions on the number of brands and experience will be more profound, and real-time detection through the microblogging platform for the audience Brand or product comments and questions, timely and positive negative word-of-mouth, so that corporate losses to a minimum.Recently, according to "Weibo-led social business development and change in China," the White Paper revealed that there are nearly 50,000 Enterprises settled in microblogging platform, continue to try to use the platform for marketing and Other commercial applications.Thus we can see microblogging marketing is the trend, and after several months of grinding and polishing, and now ABC children's wear "microblogging marketing" is gradually becoming more mature , Will also play a more important role in the future brand communication.

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