Ancient shark costumes will be dressed in exhibitors at the 20th CHIC 2012 International Clothing & Accessories Fair

Ancient shark costumes is a clothing brand with its own unique brand style. After years of development, at present, the sales network has been all over the country provinces and cities. The ancient shark brand stores in major cities throughout the country's major shopping district can be seen in the high-profile domestic high-end shopping malls with brand counters. In 2011, the ancient shark brand was named "Guangzhou Top Ten Famous Brands." In 2012, Guangzhou Ancient Sharks Garment Co., Ltd. In order to further enhance the brand awareness and create a perfect brand image, leveraging on the national brand clothing display platform, dressed in exhibitors [2012 twentieth CHIC China (Beijing) International Clothing and Accessories Fair] (Show time: March 26, 2012 - 29). The booth of the ancient shark brand is located at 【Men's Hall E1 Hall, an area of ​​about 240 square meters】.

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