Sia Ya blossoming trend of women's clothing to create billions of women's new model

"Sia Ya Duo Duo" brand originated in the famous story of the 19th century, the famous European Princess Sissi brand design focused on the wisdom, beauty, vitality, personality style of life of the international women's fashion and lifestyle start, clever blend of modern Europe and the United States fashion and the trend of Japan and South Korea, Qingqing interpretation of modern urban women feat, fashion trend of life. The logo consists of the English "seeyourstory" and the Chinese "Siaya blossoming", meaning "appreciate your story."

茜雅朵朵潮流女装  开创百亿女装新模式

Sidney Blossoming: the trend of women's clothing, the new star of wealth, creating billions of women's new model

1, category advantages: positioning in the high-growth trend of women's category

The trend of women is following the discount casual wear, pink less Shu loaded, cheap fashion, but also a new and attractive category, Sia Ya Duo unique "international women's fashion" position, and the current number of women to form a clear category and Split layer advantage.

2, wealth space: the trend of women's clothing will be the fastest growing category in the future

With the rapid growth of middle-income groups in China at a rate of 7 million a year, under the catalysis of H & M, ZARA and other international brand aircraft carriers, the fashion crowd is not only more and more huge but also evolving, the trendy women have a solid and high-growth consumption Basis, will dominate the next wave of huge consumer trends

3, channel space: ground channel is a woman's next high growth space

The trend of women's brand has made in the mall channels absolute competitive advantage, such as Japan and China rose, while leaving the floor of the scale of the brand shortage of channels; in the Chinese market giant under the support of the ground floor channels, the trend of women have a scientific, high Growth of space for development; year-on-year shopping mall channel champion brand size of 10 million, the ground floor channel champion brand more than 10 billion sales opportunities.

茜雅朵朵潮流女装  开创百亿女装新模式

4, international brands: international brands, proven, highly competitive

International background, long-lasting fragrance of the brand legend; follow the international law of operation of large, after the test of the international market, ensuring a strong brand competitiveness.

5, model innovation: "big store product model" and "dual-core pricing model" and can be flexible to adapt to the mall and ground floor two channels

Simaya Duoduo operation team, with international vision and years of research on the local market, into the industry-leading "big store product model" and "dual-core pricing model" to be able to flexibly adapt to the mall and ground floor of two channels for the brand Beyond the development of laid a solid foundation.

6, product innovation: a small luxury style, focus on trends, detonated consumer

Siamese blossoming inherited Sissi's aristocratic temperament in the European mix and match style has always been through the "small luxury style", forming a unique brand differentiation advantage, detonated the trend of consumption.

7, the rise of design: teacher-led, original design, leading the trend

Like international success, Siddy blossomed to the line of "Rise of Design", led by a famous teacher and inspired by the original design of "Little Slim and Fashion" to bring European-style mashups and fashion designs to consumers in real fashion.

茜雅朵朵潮流女装  开创百亿女装新模式

8, the brand model: Import the latest "fashion brand model" to create a strong brand

Import the most advanced "fashion brand model", and strongly shaping the brand personality and unique consumer advocates, the use of "celebrities and star designers", "cross-border cooperation" and other practices, the introduction of "pattern marketing password", "color marketing password" And other high-end strategy to create a strong fashion brand.

9, value strategy: the use of "premium pricing strategy", when the sale of running volume

In order to guarantee the competitive advantage of the products, we adopt the "premium pricing strategy" to ensure that the products are sold and run at the same time, which provides guarantee for the sales and investment promotion of the partners.

10, policy support: the concept of leading, strong support, profit protection

Leaders of the company lead the concept, focus on supporting partners, not only the introduction of a generous profit discount system, but also the layout of a set of effective marketing policy, "5 + 2 Champion Model" into the majority of franchisees in the realization of the fusion of science shop At the same time, investment profits are also guaranteed, while inventories are more effectively reduced.

Wealth Hotline: Li Yufeng

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