Eurasian extremely cold weather makes the global economy worse

Business News Agency February 6 News Recently, an extremely cold weather swept across Europe and Asia. Many countries in the world encountered rare cold weather. Under the backdrop of the shadow of the European debt crisis, the extremely cold weather undoubtedly made the global economy worse. . As of press time, the number of deaths from extreme cold weather has exceeded 280. In this context, speculation about the advent of the "Little Ice Age" came into being.

Extremely cold swept Eurasia

Extremely cold weather affected Europe. The lowest temperatures in some regions of Central and Eastern Europe such as Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Serbia fell below -30°C. Among them, Ukraine suffered the most severely from the disaster. A large number of homeless hobos were frozen on the streets, and thousands of people received treatment due to frostbite. Many people in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Greece died in cold weather.

Many countries in Asia have also become severely affected areas. Depths of snow depth in various regions of Japan set a record. A few weeks of blizzards in northern Japan triggered an avalanche, interrupting the transport network and killing at least 56 people. In South Korea, cold warnings were issued in many places, and the temperature in Seoul dropped to -17°C, setting a new record for 55 years.

At the same time, information from the Central Meteorological Observatory shows that since the beginning of winter, the average temperature in China has been -5.5°C, which is the lowest in the same period in the past 27 years. In the Haji area auto station of Chenbaerhuqi, Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia, there was even an extreme low temperature of -50.7°C on February 3.

However, while Europe and Asia were encountering the winter, the United States welcomed the warmest winter in 40 years. In most states of the United States, the average temperature is above 10°C in the first few days, and the temperature in Washington, DC, reaches 21°C. Cherry blossoms in the Washington area are in full bloom.

Traffic energy blocked

The impact of the cold winter on the economy is not uncommon. As early as in February 2010, German Industry and Commerce Association spokesman Teller said that the winter brought about 2 billion euros in economic losses to Germany. Previous researcher Jin Bosong of the China Academy of Commerce Research also revealed that the 2008 snow and ice disaster almost reduced China’s economic growth by one percentage point.

Although the statistical data on the impact of the extremely cold weather on the global economy has not yet been issued, it has already had an impact on transportation and energy.

It is understood that blizzards have paralysed road traffic in many parts of Romania. A large number of flights and trains have been delayed or even cancelled. Nearly a thousand schools have been suspended. Heavy snow caused severe traffic jams in Brussels, Belgium. Snow and wet roads caused many traffic accidents.

It is worth noting that cold weather keeps the amount of natural gas used for heating in various countries skyrocketing, leading to a “friction” between natural gas supplier Russia and some European countries. Ukraine accused Russia of reducing natural gas exports to some European countries more than normal, while Russia strongly denied it. At present, the EU is urging both parties to resolve the dispute as soon as possible and restore normal supply to the EU.

However, these people who encountered the “extremely cold” regions were not immersed in the sad atmosphere. “We rather enjoy the fun brought about by the cold weather.” Liu Jun, who is in Japan, said in an interview with the “International Finance” reporter that the ski resort in Japan has attracted more tourists, while the Baifeng area in Baishan City has also been held. At the annual snowman festival, about 1,500 snowmen were piled up in front of each house.

Initiating the dispute of the Little Ice Age

For this extremely cold weather, some international authoritative climate experts believe that global warming has stopped and began to turn cold. The recent cold in the northern hemisphere is only the beginning of global cold weather. Such cold days may last for 20 to 30 years. . The British "Daily Mail" thus claimed that this year's winter shows "the arrival of the Little Ice Age."

However, Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported that the northern hemisphere in North America, Europe and Asia suffered a cold winter, not because of global cooling, but because of the reversal of the climate in the northern hemisphere. This situation is caused by the Arctic oscillations.

“The abnormal changes in the global atmospheric circulation are the main causes of extremely cold and extremely warm weather. This is not only an inevitable phenomenon caused by long-term changes, but also caused by continuous emission of greenhouse gases by human activities.” Yang Bin, an environmentalist, told the International Finance News. During the interview, he said that the current excessive consumption of chemical energy by humans is an act of self-destruction.

Song Songxing, a professor from the Business School of Nanjing University, believes that there is no consensus on climate trends from the perspective of global warming and the disputes during the Little Ice Age. This requires global collaboration, exchange of information, understanding of climate trends, and research at the same time. To counter such extreme climate countermeasures, an early warning mechanism was established.

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