VFCOOO Men's “Knight Tour” Creates a Unique Style

On September 28, 2015, VFCOOO lifted the knight's new fashion again. “KNIGHT JOURNEY Knight Tour” gloriously departed at Guiyang Nanguo Huajin Shopping Center. At the event, the classic deep bronze color outlines an elegant and distinguished fashion salon, an exquisite luxury cocktail reception, and an overseas supermodel elegant interpretation of VFCOOO 15 autumn and winter series, creating a unique and elegant style. Invited VFCOOO distinguished VIP strolls in and enjoys the courtesy moments of VFCOOO.

VFCOOO takes "artistic individuality ultimate fusion" as its brand concept, but it is not limited by the trend. It reshapes the classic but does not stick to the tradition, explores the extreme without losing the practical idea, crossing the boundary between time and space, and bringing urban men to classics. The dual desire for subversion is becoming a reality.

The VFCOOO Menswear Design Center was born in the Navigli District of Milan, Italy. The Navigli District in Milano Navigli brings together the world's best men's designer resources. The VFCOOO Menswear Design Center is located in the center of the world's top menswear brand design center. The popular pulse of global fashion men's wear is synchronized with the world's most fashionable men's wear design.

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