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Underwear is essential clothing for women, and for modern women in the workplace and the pursuit of quality of life of women, the adjustment of shape underwear is even more essential. It is designed according to ergonomics and combined with the current medical and health knowledge, use of healthy and environmentally friendly raw materials, carefully crafted. It artificially adjusts the flow of body fat to a reasonable place, and locks it in to maintain a healthy and beautiful body posture that quickly acts as a body. Because of its body functions, and make clothing with easier and more taste, and deeply loved by many women!

Tips: All dress choices must be based on their own conditions and conditions of choice, first of all to ensure natural comfort, do not let the body have a burden, it is crucial! Underwear as intimate clothing is even more so. Manufacturers in this prompted female friends choose to wear underwear should pay attention to the following situations.

● buy well-known brand underwear . Well-known brands have a strong underwear research and development of experimental strength and design and production capacity, can all unhealthy ergonomic design and production factors in the experimental design phase to be abandoned in advance. Do not buy some non-branded groceries for petty profits.

● underwear shopping must try on. By constantly trying on the selection of their own size underwear, to find the best combination of underwear and body.

● Wear can not be excessive pursuit of beauty and neglect the body's comfort. Underwear on the body to maintain some of the general pressure, the purchase should pay attention to choose the right size to maintain the appropriate pressure, to be able to play a protective role in the health of shape.

● strenuous exercise, it is recommended to wear loose underwear. This time do not let the body restraining the performance of motor function.

● Adjustable underwear must choose breathable fabric, keep the body's normal breathing.

● It is not recommended to wear body sculpting underwear when you go to sleep and rest at night. The reason is that sleep is to allow the body to eliminate the fatigue and relaxation of the state of tension and time periods, the body's normal metabolism is an essential part of physical and mental life, natural comfort is the most important.


Occasionally rumored to be the occasion, wearing body shape underwear caused by body discomfort, in fact, there is no reasonable choice for their own size and ignore the correct wear underwear caused by the law, there is currently no clinical large number of cases and comparative experiments confirmed. Drips in life are in fact more or less directly related to physical health and indirect relationship can not be caused by a large number of spleen and stomach caused by drinking water concluded that drinking water is not conducive to good health is actually a truth. For very few "experts" one-sided words, as a health-adjusted underwear brand representative Goberti only this as the production of healthier products more popular appeal.

Gogh Bei Ti nearly 20 years of production and sales of adjustable underwear so far, similar to such cases of customer complaints as "0" pieces, as we are insisting on doing underwear brand, with a responsible attitude to fulfill our Consumer health commitment!

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