Boudoir brand Jiangsu store double eleven Hui meet each other

Double eleven into the countdown, shopping carnival day is approaching, the major e-commerce platform has been gearing up, whether you have been unable to withstand inner turmoil, ready to flex its muscles. In fact, more than e-commerce platform in the double eleven shopping discount, offline store also benefits you meet, but also the underwear shop too!

Boudoir underwear brand Changshu stores in Jiangsu launched a huge discount activities in November 11, the introduction of multiple gifts invites you all single, non-single in the Singles day this day here to a skin-related - 'skin Meet, intimacy 'about benefit.

Double eleven day, the boudoir underwear brand Changshu, Jiangsu store full 6.8 discount, and the discount on the basis of 6.8 off, where shopping spending over 98 can receive a pair of cotton socks; spending over 158 shopping can be obtained A gift worth 19 yuan a product; shopping spending over 258 yuan will receive 49 yuan a bottle of liquid laundry detergent; shopping spending over 358 yuan to send a high-end scarves.

闺秘品牌江苏专卖店双十一钜惠相见 来来来

The importance of underwear for women is self-evident, not only to style beautiful fashion, more importantly, the size to be appropriate, but encountered in the online purchase of underwear inappropriate size of the risk coefficient is high, you want to know the size is appropriate but direct Affect the health of the body, so if you are still online if you buy underwear is not responsible for their own, although the online buy a discount on November 11, but rather than wait for them to buy chop chop hands, might as well go to the store to a Try it yourself, play a regret shopping option, and enjoy the same benefits!

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