Piggy Banner Strategy: Channels Deepen Brand Enhancement

In 2012, the children's wear brand market became extremely fierce. Many brands began to attack cities and seize market share. In this mixed children's clothing market, in order to maintain its leading position in the children's wear brand, Pigner has identified 2012 as a strategic development goal for deepening channels.

In 2012, the children's wear brand market became extremely fierce. Many brands began to attack cities and seize market share.

In this mixed children's wear market, how to maintain the leading position of the children's wear brand in the piglet Banner has become crucial in 2012. Based on this, Pioneer Banner decided that 2012 was the marketing strategy development goal for the channel. Therefore, in the children's wear kingdom of Pioneer, one of the flagship stores of Pioneer Banner was born in many first-tier cities across the country.

Piggy Banner's First Phase Strategy - Flagship Store Model

The birth of flagship store model

The birth of the flagship store is an inevitable outcome of the brand upgrade, an important way to consolidate the brand status, and an effective means to seize market share.

It is understood that the opening of the Piggy Banner Store has not only brought about satisfactory results, but also has driven the overall sales performance of the Piggy Banner Store in the surrounding area. If sales are real data, the increase in the value of brand power cannot be measured by numbers. Through the image of Piggybank Banner, it is very clear to see the strength and brand influence of a company. Through this silent and successful publicity, it is believed that the imprint of Piggy Banner will be deeply branded. The consumer's heart.

The establishment of brand store model

The establishment of a large store is not as simple as people see and think. It requires a more complete and sound management system.

Through the hard work, growth, and years of rich sales management experience of the Piggy Banner people, the management of many flagship stores demonstrated the superior management level of Piggy Banner. This is exactly how the simulations, drills, and optimizations that originated from the management system of Pioneer Banner Inc. have contributed to the current management model of sound systems, clear processes, and clear accountability.

In addition to the rigid management requirements, the overall quality of the clerk, the flagship store establishment requirements are also very high. From smiles, stances, dresses, to more professional product introductions, Piggy Banner has conducted several systematic trainings for terminal clerk, aiming to provide more thoughtful and caring services for customers. It is through the platform of flagship store outlets that consumers are more directly aware of the deep humanistic concerns of the Pioneer Banner Company, thereby enhancing the brand's reputation, popularity, and the Piggy Class. The loyalty of fans.

The first phase of the flagship model of the Piggy Banner has been perfectly set, laying a solid foundation for the next national layout. In the next few months, Piggy Bannerr will promote the second-stage flagship attack wave to form a nationwide “multi-carrier, multi-combat group” channel group layout, which is bound to be another industry leader in the development of Piggybank Banner. The important move is also a core sword that has made Piggy Banner a truly industry leader.

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