Identification of rough red agate stone

At present, the South Red Agate market is hot, and the price of South Red Agate is high. Especially for the South Red Agate stone, it is limited by the mining of the government of the production area. The output of the original red agate stone is greatly reduced. In some places, the price of the South Red Agate rough stone is catching up. The price of finished products, which makes many processing and sales companies look down on the ocean, dare not start, but long-term professional South Hong processing sales can not but buy the South Red agate rough, let's talk about the identification method of the South Red Agate rough on the market .

The South Red Agate stone that is not peeled and does not open the window is the highest gambling, but the price is also very cheap, so it attracts many people to risk blocking, often this is ten gambling. In the trading market of the southern red agate producing area, there will be many people selling some rough stones without large windows. These rough stones are not much different from the original red agate stones on the surface, but they are likely to be red stones or Ukrainian, these belong to the associated red mine of South Red Agate, the value is not high in South Red Agate. The prices of these rough stones are very cheap and cheap to make people drool, but if you think about it carefully, you will find out the flaws. These stone farmers are exposed to the original stone every day. The experience is very rich. It can be said that the original stone they saw can open the south red. The chances are very big, but they don’t open it but sell it. It means that they are not optimistic about this piece of raw stone. They can even get out of the South, even if the window doesn’t open, it means that the chance of opening Nanhong is very embarrassing. You can gamble on such a rough stone, how can you win?

The southern red agate stone that has been opened or peeled is basically able to determine the quality of the original stone. The price of the original red agate stone will be relatively high, especially the peeling of the skin is basically nothing to cover, the texture is completely There is basically no risk in bare exposure, but there is still a certain risk in opening the window of the red agate stone. Therefore, the larger the window, the lower the risk.

When you buy the original red agate stone in the window, you can't make a quick profit. It also needs to be carefully observed, because the window looks very beautiful, but the inside is likely to be messy. Buying the window of the South Red Agate stone by luck, but also test the experience, can not see the window is beautiful, I am anxious to save money, to know that the current stone farmer window technology is very high, in most cases, these stone farmers can The best part of the original stone is opened, and the bottom of these beautiful parts may be the cruel truth. I believe that many South Red Agate rough stone buyers have encountered this situation, so don’t buy this type of window red South agate rough. Have illusions, and look carefully with experience.

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