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Warm spring and summer is approaching, people are wearing the thickness is also reducing, especially for women, in many cases in order to avoid the embarrassing situation, when choosing underwear is very particular about, then how to match the spring and summer underwear? Here's a small series together to find out about it!


In the spring and summer, many women's clothing more transparent or relatively light color, so wearing dark underwear can be very awkward, so in the selection of underwear in spring and summer, to choose a lighter color of underwear, as shown in this color Underwear, full cup style, together with gather deep V style, easy to wear plump figure, but also to help you reduce the production of furs, even more upright posture, very suitable for spring and summer wear!


In the spring and summer, there will be a meeting or a wedding to attend, so for most women, the hope that the underwear can be perfectly restrained in the evening dress, like creating a perfect curve of nature, do not see a little underwear Mark of. Dai Qi This light pink seamless underwear, 3/4 cup design, comfortable, thoughtful, stylish, to help women show their own personality, charm, very suitable for dress with oh!

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