Identification of jade round bars and flat bar bracelets

We often divide the jade bracelet into two according to the shape. Flat mouth bracelet, including the inner circle of the outer circle; round bracelet, that is, the inner circle of the outer circle. Some people will call the round bracelets a peaceful bracelet and a flat-shaped bracelet called a chaise bracelet. But there are round and elliptical points. Therefore, it is more troublesome to identify jade round bars and flat bar bracelets.

When wearing a bracelet, you will notice that the round bar is completely invisible. This is because the inside of the round bar is a raised round bone, which is very uncomfortable and will slide on the hand. Instead, the flat strips are more handy. As long as it is the right size, wearing a flat bracelet will be very comfortable. For example, when you sleep, the bracelet will roll over the arm, and the round bracelet will be very handy; the flat bracelet will not be like this, and no matter how tight it is, it will not be handy.

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