Gobelin Ti 2012 underwear to create noble taste woman

Elegant woman, her taste is from the inside out, the taste of a woman most care about is not only the appearance of a good underwear is the perfect embodiment of their life style, what style of underwear in 2012 the most popular? What style of underwear most comfortable? Gobelin Ti 2012 underwear is your most have to choose.

绯格贝缇 - FIGBT

绯格贝缇2012新品内衣 打造高贵品味女人

绯格贝缇2012新品内衣 打造高贵品味女人

绯格贝缇2012新品内衣 打造高贵品味女人

In the last hurdle of the summer of 1999, the production base of the GEG Beat plastic body underwear was completed and put into production in Shenzhen. With the understanding of the top high-end underwear as well as many years of experience in external processing, soon in the top high-end plastic lingerie market has made remarkable achievements and won the international top fabrics, accessories suppliers of all ages. Today's GEG Berti relies on international brands such as "Noyon" Group (France Calais warp lace supplier), Lgedocompany (French fabric supplier), chantlle (Japanese fabric supplier), "ligneS" (Taiwan lace supplier) The top supplier's full support, combined with the extraordinary creativity and fashion consciousness of GEG Bei Ti Enterprise, is always at the forefront of researching and developing new technologies and new styles of plastic lingerie. Gorgon Beat broke the traditional old-fashioned underwear 10 years of no change in style, to meet and cater to the increasingly critical consumer market, bringing female friends more scientific and healthier care. GEG Bei Ti in the industry based on quality and credibility to establish their own brand, product quality and innovation, with a clear strategic planning, a mature business mentality, so that Gaby Bei Ti in the field of plastic underwear industry walk The scale, standardization of the front.

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