Love yarn baby magic ring bra: to help you create the perfect "double peak"

Having the perfect "Twin Peaks" and displaying a proud curve is the ideal that every beauty-conscious woman dreams of. As the female most intimate "partner" - bra can help women build a proud "double peak", but ordinary bra is to do, with the development of science and technology, a charming charm modeling "double peak" / Memory bra successful come out, and quickly into the consumer's horizons. Magic ring / memory bra both zero pressure on the breast and sculpture can be a perfect body, is an environmentally friendly concept of high-tech products, at present, has become popular in urban white-collar workers, wearing a magic ring bra has become a new fashion.


Love yarn baby magic ring bra designer told reporters that if the young women's breasts by a large number of glandular tissue and a small amount of adipose tissue, so they are tough. As time passes, glandular tissue is gradually replaced by adipose tissue, which reduces the toughness of the breast, which is why breasts become loose. In addition, pregnancy and lactation also affect the shape of the breast, with increasing age

Long, gravity will make the upper breast tissue become "empty", which means that the breast gradually drooping. Magic ring / memory bra will allow women to easily have a proud "double peak" and can repair the drooping breast, so that women even more beautiful. The so-called magic ring / memory bra is added a memory steel ring bra, memory alloy steel ring with super elasticity, elastic modulus is 96 times the flexibility of stainless steel, and has a memory function, the steel ring will reach the body temperature will be restored Memory set shape, elastic also achieve the best. The softer the lower the temperature, the more flexible it is.

Love yarn Baby Magic Bra bra ring steel support, just located in the most abundant lymph nodes of the breast, because the memory of the super-flexible titanium ring, so the breast "zero pressure" can fully improve the milk blood flow, improve micro Circulation, enhance nutrient supply, promote milk metabolism, activation of breast tissue cells; with the irregular breast movement, uninterrupted adjustment of titanium ring amplitude and arc width, the formation of attached to the lower brim of the half-crescent curve, at any time Massage the breast, play to alleviate the physical breast pain, breast hyperplasia and other diseases to prevent the role, but also can enhance the relaxation, sagging breasts, so that the chest is very beautiful, creating a charming "double peak", which women come Say, great fish and eat it well.

Many women ask, is the memory alloy harmful to the body? Experts said that the memory alloy is a "living alloy", containing only the metal nickel and titanium, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, lead is far below the standard, of which titanium is the most common of all metals and the human body The dissolved metal, which has no harm to the human body, is widely used in medical fields such as thrombus filters, spinal rods, orthodontic wires, cerebral aneurysm clips, bone plates, intramedullary needles, artificial joints, birth control devices, cardiac repairs Components, artificial kidney and other micro-pump. Love yarn baby magic ring bra memory alloy, has passed the SGS standard test, are qualified products. In addition, the memory alloy is very light, the weight is one-half of the stainless steel, so the bra has a longer life, you can also machine 10,000 times the same type .

Love yarn baby as the first brand of Chinese health underwear , they are very clear in the field of underwear so strong, by a brand practice the world has been impracticable, so Love yarn take precautions to take a multi-brand strategy, its total of four Brand, love yarn baby, GetFit, Bai You Ti, IFEICE, of which, Love yarn baby is the price brand, GetFit is a high-end e-commerce brand, IFEICE is a low-cost brand, Different brands of different price, so that different levels of consumption of women can buy high-quality bras. At the same time, Love yarn in the " health, fashion, environmental protection," and other aspects of a fuss, to produce such as love yarn Baby Magic Bra such environmental protection underwear, so that the brand image is deepening, accounting for an increasing market share.

With the deepening popularity of the concept of health , more and more women will be concerned about the health of breasts, especially young and middle-aged women, it is more care for their breasts. Baby magic ring bra in line with women's pursuit of the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly dress and the trend, only the comfortable and healthy plastic is the real beauty. Believe that with the popularity of Love yarn baby magic ring bra , there will be more and more women away from the oppression of design and material unscrupulous bra , with high-tech products to create the perfect "double peak."

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