The price of cotton has been declining for winter wear

The price of cotton has been declining in winter and prices have risen. As the temperature dropped, many people went into shopping malls to buy winter clothes. Some citizens have found that the price of winter clothes this year has increased by 23% over last year. An ordinary coat will cost six or seven hundred yuan, and a windbreaker will be priced at two or three thousand yuan.... In this year's time, the price of cotton has been reduced by 45 percent. to make. The price of raw materials, clothing prices have also risen? Many consumers feel very puzzled. On the 15th, the reporter visited stores, clothing manufacturers and related industry personnel to investigate this issue.

This year, winter prices have risen by two to three percent. Recently, Ms. Wang is preparing to buy a winter coat. When she visits a shopping mall, she finds that the price of her clothes is too high.

On the 15th, the reporter visited the Ginza Underground Shopping Plaza, Ginza Mall, and Quancheng Road brand clothing stores, and found that both domestic and international high-end brands have risen to varying degrees. Among them, the price increase of down apparel is not large, while the price of cotton clothes has increased significantly, most of which exceeds 10%, among which the average increase of medium and high-end brands is around 30%. A brand of men's clothing, the windbreaker last year's price of 599 yuan, and this year similar models windbreaker sold to 799 yuan, an increase of 33%; a brand of a similar paragraph cotton clothing last year, selling price of 320 yuan, this year's selling price reached 356 In yuan, the increase reached 11%.

The reporter then interviewed Jinan Yuchen professional apparel, Jinan Yilezi Garment Co., Ltd., Jinan Haoran clothing company and other apparel manufacturers, several company officials also said that this year's winter clothing prices rose by about 30%.

The rise in the price of winter clothes has made many people feel a bit too much. The citizen Zhang Xiaoyuan bought two pieces of clothes in the past few days and spent more than 1,000 yuan. "At this price, one month's salary is not enough to buy a few clothes."

Seed cotton prices fell below 4 yuan a pound, and this year's winter prices rose all the way to different, this year's cotton prices have fallen seriously.

According to the analysis of China Cotton Information Network, with the arrival of new cotton in the peak period, the price of seed cotton has been declining to some extent. Last year's high-priced market has never returned. Some local cotton farmers have reported that the price of seed cotton has fallen below 4 yuan/kg. An interview with the reporter found that at present, seed cotton picking in Dezhou, Shandong Province has basically ended, and the price of Grade 4 seed cotton has been sold at about 3 cents per catty, and when it was the highest last year, it sold more than 7 yuan per catty.

“This year's cotton market is very sluggish compared to last year.” According to Guo Shipeng, a cotton researcher at Luzheng ** Co., Ltd., since last summer, cotton prices have been rising all the way to around mid-November 2010, reaching a record 33,000 yuan. / Ton or so. Since then, the state has introduced a regulation policy, entering 2011, the cotton price will return to rationality and then return to a positive rally, especially after the Spring Festival, the price of cotton is rising all the way, and in March it will return to a price of 30,000 yuan/ton. Since then, the cotton price has risen sharply and fell sharply and fluctuates sharply. “From 30,733 yuan/ton, it has dropped sharply to 19,329 yuan/ton in August. Later, with the introduction of the national provisional storage and storage plan, the cotton price has stabilized and stabilized.”

Why is the price of cotton down so much this year? Guo Shipeng said that global cotton production reached a record high, end-user consumption was depressed, and the rise in labor costs in China faced Lewis' inflection point, which caused orders to gradually shift to Southeast Asian countries. The domestic textile industry was in trouble, making the cotton market sluggish. “Currently, the cotton price can be maintained at a current price of 19,000 yuan per ton. It can be said that it is all a function of storage and storage, which fully blocks the continued decline in cotton prices, protects cotton farmers, stabilizes the textile industry, and gives the entire industry chain a stable opportunity to inventory. Protected the entire industry."

Labor costs and other factors to increase the price of clothing cotton prices have been falling, winter clothing prices have been rising? On the 15th, the reporter interviewed a number of apparel manufacturers. They all stated that although the price of cotton fell, due to the increase in labor costs and raw material prices, coupled with the cost of intermediate circulation in clothing production, the prices of clothing were not reduced. rise.

Jinan Yilezi Garment Co., Ltd. said that although the price of cotton has fallen this year, the price of clothing has not declined due to the increase in labor costs.

Jinan Yuchen’s professional clothing manager Zhang also said that the factory’s workers have paid for piece items. Last year, a worker made a piece of clothing for 15 yuan, which has now risen to 20 yuan. The monthly salary also rose from the original 1,000 yuan to 1,300 yuan. Manager Zhang said apparel fabrics also rose, rising between 15% and 20%.

In addition to the rising costs of raw materials such as labor costs, apparel fabrics, and lining materials, the increase in circulation costs has also become a cause of rising clothing prices. Jinan Haoran clothing company manager Chen said that the company mainly customizes tooling, from the initial cotton and other raw materials processed through the textile mill into fabrics, and then through the garment factory processing, after leaving the factory after some intermediate circulation, stationed in shopping malls, etc., and finally reach the hands of consumers . "Every step in the process requires a certain amount of cost, which increases the price of clothes that consumers buy."

In the interview, Manager Chen also stated that the clothing company’s fabrics and linings were all purchased from the textile mills. This year, many small textile mills could not survive and stopped production due to the drop in cotton prices. Large-scale textile mills formed industries. The monopoly has led to a rise in the price of fabrics, which has also contributed to the rise in clothing prices. The heads of several clothing companies also stated that it will take some time for the cotton price to decline from the time it was passed to the textile companies. Some textile companies mostly bought high-priced cotton last year or the first half of this year, which also made it difficult to reduce the price of winter clothes.


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