Houndstooth skirt how to wear a child suitable for wearing Houndstooth skirt

Houndstooth check whether it is in the jacket or skirt above, are very popular. If this fashion is grafted on the children's clothing above, perhaps there will be another sense of fashion, right? Hound Plaid dress skirts, how should we be able to become a good mother and father baby? If you as parents have a little trouble, may wish to listen to the advice of Xiaobian it. Picture credit: Miya Star Children's clothing series - Houndstooth skirt Houndstooth skirt sleeveless, with a little lace in the splicing, as well as the fine belt as a decoration. Although the children are very perfect figure, but this ornament is still a little not less. Black and white houndstooth, take a white knitwear, black and white on the touch, the spark of fashion is always ignited inadvertently. Finish with the upper body, we take a look at the choice of pants on. Skirt wear in the winter though not, may wish to add a thick leggings and a pair of small cotton boots. Warm fashion, will be sent to you a obedient fashion baby. Picture credit: Miya Star Kids series - Houndstooth skirt If the Houndstooth skirt, this can be used with a thick down jacket or cotton, not afraid of too extravagant can also be fur Oh. Puffed skirts + Slim leggings + STO cotton boots, cute, but also do not forget fashion Oh. As hot ladies fashion pro, this winter know how to give children with clothes yet?


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