What is the tail ring? The meaning of the origin of the tail ring

Spread your hands, one, two, three... there are ten fingers. There is such a sentence, each finger represents a different meaning, the most widely spread is chasing, seeking, ordering, knotting, leaving. The middle finger and the ring finger represent the engagement and marriage, and are known as the "finger of love", enjoying the favor of the world. The tail of the corner is defined as a divorce, single. People like beautiful things, so the tail fingers are easily forgotten by the ring. Is your tail ring forgotten by you?

What is the tail ring? The tail ring is the ring worn on the little finger. The most authentic saying is that wearing a tail ring symbolizes independence, singleness, and loneliness. It was first transmitted from the West. The meaning of the West is, "I am enjoying single life at this time, don't waste time pursuing me," commonly known as the meaning of nuns. There is also a saying in China: it can prevent villains and financial losses and increase their own extravagance. The tail ring has two gold and silver colors, the effect is different, the gold is broken, and the silver is used for money. There is also a black tail ring, and the black tail ring means forgetting the past.

The single tail ring of Chi Haidong in Divorce Lawyer

The prince and the princess are comfortable and happy in the fairy tale world, but the love story of the legend of the tail ring is filled with beauty and desolateness.

Legend, a long time ago. The king wants to marry his beautiful daughter. Many, many princes have heard before. The princess decided that if anyone hooked her tail finger (little thumb), the man was her husband. On the day of the marriage, the princess wore white gauze and walked over to the princes, extending their tail fingers one by one, but no one caught her tail. She was disappointed, and as she gave up, someone gently hooked her tail. That person, the prince he was looking for, the person who hooked her tail. They were engaged, but the army riots broke out and the prince was forced to leave the princess to quell the war. As the prince left, he hooked the princess's tail again. They agreed that the prince will definitely return to the princess.

The prince left, this is ten years. The princess is still beautiful, and the people who propose marriage are endless. Many people have persuaded the princess to re-select her partner. But the princess still loves him, her prince. The princess decided that if someone had hooked her tail finger like a prince, she would marry him. On the day of the marriage, the princess extended her tail. But no one hooked her tail finger.

One day, there was a beggar in the palace, and the guard blocked him. But the princess treated the same and allowed his proposal. The princess extended her tail finger. The miracle is that the man hooked her tail finger. The princess was amazed and she could not see his face. Slowly, the open hat was originally a prince who had been missing for many years, her lover. The princess saw her lover that night, and they stayed for the rest of the night. Good things always vanish. When the cock was cocked, the prince got up and quietly left the princess, his lover. It turned out that it was the soul of the prince. The prince kept his promise and returned to the princess on the last day before the soul left the world on July 7.

Later, people discovered the corpse of the prince. On the way back to China, he was murdered. The princess came to the prince and looked at her lover. Drink poisoned wine. At the glimpse of her anger, she hooked the prince's tail...

Later, because of this legend, couples wear a tail ring to represent the hand of the child, and the promise of the old man.

What does it mean to wear a tail ring? If you are single, wear a tail ring on your little finger, may you have a good time. If you have the other half of deep love, put on the tail ring of the mutual gift, lightly hook the tail finger, the white head does not deviate.

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