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Now the style of the scarves may not be called up to the name, but now the style is more and more simple, it is easy to be Zhuangshan, although now the style is a good match, but always feel something missing, the Australian women's high personality Collar neck collar with two styles of clothing are matched with a collar collar to see which is your favorite style.

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Dark gray loose large size woolen jacket, this style suitable for any reminder girl to wear, coupled with an orange collar high collar, this effect is particularly praise, and loose version coupled with such a high collar collar is still Thin Oh, lower body with a black leggings, and a bib the same color with the effect of the handbag is absolutely very good, Italy and Australia women's fashion style with absolutely not to be missed.

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Our usual style of clothing always feel a sense of monotonous, not so creative, but can not think of where wrong, Italian women's wear today to teach you how to match, a thin section down jacket is the most lacking in this season Can not style, coupled with a black skirt a bottoming socks effect is absolutely unique, plus a high collar bib, black bib, so more fashion.

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