Qi seed vest dress art Fan wearing more eye-catching

Still remember the street before the kind of non-mainstream shape, body clothes hole design there is a very personal chain, thick bangs, exaggerated buns head, there is that kind of "cut and blow" exaggerated hairstyle, but now The trend is no longer sought after is a simple atmosphere of the dress, a fresh literary temperament. So this summer to choose Yee vest dress, literary Fan wearing make you more eye-catching.


This simple white vest even dress, body a little bit of blue pattern, similar to the unique design of Chinese blue and white porcelain, but also has an elegant temperament, adding a lot of ethnic feelings. Go out to wear a pair of flat sandals, coupled with a simple canvas bag, so you have a unique charm.

绮籽背心连衣裙 文艺范穿着更吸睛

Orange bright bright colors, but because of the unique design and collocation has a simple and fresh fashion feel. Simple waist design, to show your exquisite posture, multi-layered hem design is a girl-like innocence, go out to bring a personalized hat, simple and personality.

Qi seed vest dress, is your summer art Fan wearing the best choice.

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