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Shandong Renault Garments Co., Ltd. has a total assets of 1 billion yuan of equipment, more than 5,000 sets of equipment, technology and equipment up to the leading domestic level, of which more than 3,000 sets of imported equipment, more than 100 million net fixed assets nearly 50 sets of equipment. With an annual output of 3 million sets of high-end boutique clothing. "Renault" strictly according to the ISO9001 international quality standard system of production, advanced equipment, strict management and high-quality staff, Renault apparel products to achieve the inherent quality of world-class level in the market to establish high-end, excellent, high quality The brand image "Renault" based on the domestic, international, take stationed in a large department store, opened flagship monopoly, the development of distribution partners combined multi-channel marketing, established a mature sales service network in the country and actively expand the United States, Canada, Germany, France , Italy, Russia and other overseas markets. It is the first self-owned apparel brand in China registered and sold in the United States. The Renault apparel company based in the United States has annual sales of 100,000 sets of apparel. Honor: Renault trademark registration since 1997 has a wide range of visibility and reputation. 98 "Renault" brand has been awarded "China Famous Brand", "China's most influential business and leisure brand," "National Mianjian products", "Shandong famous brand", "Shandong famous brand" and other awards. Hall No. E1: Menswear Booth No .: E1306 Date: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing) Art is always Affirmation of the beauty of life! Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French literary master and classic Impressionist, has been tirelessly pursuing his entire life, and his work has always shown an elegant and positive aspect even during his illness. Renoir, the brand name for the artist, Renault is famous for making high-end ready-to-wear garments, including the Italian Ermenegildo Zegna, Albini, Vitale and Monti fabrics. The European version features elaborate handmade and ingenuity designs. A piece of clothing is like a work full of charm, reflecting the wearer's calm, wise, rich quality of life attitude. Brand style French romantic classic, a combination of tradition and fashion, a symbol of elegance and taste. Pays attention to detail and collocation, emphasizes the personality style that integrates the brand culture inheritance and modern fashion; brand positioning high-end men's international brand; aged 30-50 years old, stylish, competent and confident business celebrities and young upstart! Product Structure Classic Business Series: Traditional Jackets, Business Suits, Shirts, Ties; Classic Casual Series: Jackets, Shirts, T-shirts, Casual Pants, Leather Goods; Tie clips, watches, etc.).

Generally speaking, the Chain Necklace divided into one layer chain Necklace and multi layer chain necklace. For one layer, such as bead chain necklace and snake chain necklace. For multi layer chain necklace, such as body chain necklace, multi chain necklace with some charms.
On the market, we can see the most of chain necklace made by iron chain or copper chain. That because these chains are cheap and the styles are fashion, but it is easy to get rusty if you wear in bad way. We also can choose the chain necklace made of silver and gold, they have a good quality, just a higher price. The customer can choose them according to your demand.

Chain Necklace

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