SEIFINI Autumn new products | Through the "Happy Ferris wheel"


When sitting on the Ferris wheel of happiness, encounter the full of youthful energy reverie, a beautiful "wear" the more the beginning! Love birds and hot air balloon ingenious combination, and meet the right mix of ..., pleasure and fun "section" from


Early autumn season, sooner or later the temperature difference is gradually emerging, a small jacket must be a single product, red, born passion can not be overlooked! Take off his coat, a witty print visible pattern shirt, a pleasant pleasure comes naturally.



Pay attention to independent personality, free and easy handsome way to wear and take, sunshine happy city girl always make people aftertaste.



Red jacquard sweater, to create the absolute effect of reducing age, many occasions can come in handy Oh, the ingenious combination of love birds and hot air balloon, the rapid rise of the sweet index.



Autumn influx of people must-have A-type short-sleeved windbreaker, let you revisit past memories of students; black and white lines and witty breathtaking atmosphere, striped shirt fashion was thin Oh; playful lady fish tail skirt is wild , Put on them, pleasure and fun "section" from.


Women's Top

Crop Top Hoodie,Plus Size Tops,Square Neck Top,Sleeveless Tops

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